Health insurance

Stay tuned. Some of my first few posts will be on the most important health topic of this 2008 election year — the issue of health insurance. My proposed solution is not original; it’s the plan endorsed by thousands of practicing physicians. Unfortunately, the health plans of Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain are all doomed to failure, as we shall see. And, of course, the political tomfoolery continues.

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  1. 1 symnloodo

    Well written article.

  2. 2 CuriousStudent

    As a curious student, I would like to hear about your proposed solution. I believe a portion of American health inefficiency comes from administration because of a multi-payer system. Yet, other issues exist. HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organizations) were created as a charitable organization but it was gradually changed into a business. HMO is an organization that profits from offering patrons a safeguard in the event of misfortune. Which sounds like a good idea, till their business model revealed the need to apply for insurance. People who are insured are usually employees at low risk for disease: no recent history of sickness, no disabilities, etc. So the insurance is run for profit rather than a safeguard– this would explain why HMO’s dominate the Fortune 500 and other stock markets. So the real question becomes, can the American government offer health insurance for those who cannot buy from HMO’s? And can the government do so with such a large debt?

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