Migraine Day

I’ve received a couple of e-mails asking me to comment on what must be one of the most atrociously irresponsible medical news stories in recent memory.  Unfortunately, I woke up this morning in pure migraine hell.  It’s been more than ten hours now, I’ve taken 80 mg of eletriptan and a few doses of much stronger pain medication, but I still can’t leave my dark bedroom for long.  When I look at a computer screen it feels like a roomful of angry cancer epidemiologists are throwing cell phones at my head.

No blogging for me today.  Instead, I recommend The Amazing Adventures of Foster Disbelief for his story on “Evidence? Who needs evidence to start a panic?”  

Back to the darkness.

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13 Responses to “Migraine Day”  

  1. 1 ateedub

    I hope the migraine recedes soon. I’ve found a way to function through them, but it is miserable.

    I too am looking forward to your analysis of Herbeman’s announcement.

  2. 2 Bob O'H

    I hope you’re better by the time you read this. If not, call your doctor and ask for a placebo. You’ll be better in no time. Especially if he changes $300 for it.

  3. 3 HCN

    I feel for you, I truly do. I do not suffer from migraines, but I married into a family that does. So I do know what not to do, and what to do for a person who is experiencing a migraine.

    I will not yell “Get over it!”… and I will step lightly and not turn on any lights. More than once I have gone down to the basement only to find Son #1 prone upon the couch with a damp cloth over his head. I then decide to NOT fire up the hobby equipment in that room, and to sneak quietly out of the basement garage.

  4. 4 andrea

    UGH, migraines! I get them too, in several different flavors.
    Deepest of sympathies.

    With the entrenched sort, sometimes a distraction will help, which is what I suspect you tried, reading stuff online with the screen brightness turned down. But even that is of limited usefulness (short- or long-term), and it’s back to soaking in a hot tub in a dark bathroom, or burrowing back under the covers. I hope the meds and/or time finally turn things around,


  5. 5 Catherina

    outch - commiserations. I hope you are feeling better!

  6. 6 melissa miller

    Andrea, What a concept! Turn down the brightness on the laptop. I am an idiot-it never crossed my mind. Seriously. I read your blog and really started laughing because all this time I have been blinding myself being the goofball computer dysfunctional I am. Thank you! Sometimes it is forest for the trees. A simple solution for a me. I’m still cracking up at what a dingbat I can be. Effoxor has helped me like no other. Hope it helps someone else. Thanks, M

  7. 7 Chris

    I am a bit late in replying, but still.

    I was diagnosed as a migraine sufferer at the age of 11, having spent countless hours in a darkened bedroom being sick frequently, and sleeping in short bursts in between times.
    As I got older, the really bad attacks, were always worse during my cycle - I always had to plan forthcoming events around them.
    I then found that if I did not take the ‘week-long’ break each month from my contraceptive pill, things greatly improved (this was after consultation with my GP).

    Even now, I suffer from headaches a lot (which I believe to be ‘addiction’ headaches to the tablets I have taken for so long and take paracetamol every 6 hours - which do normally disperse the headache! (I have weened myself off stronger tablets).

    My worst times are after prolonged periods without sleep when I do find that I have a constant ache which goes on incessantly until I do a sleep catch up.

    I will also say to you younger people, do not under any circumstances use a PC whilst you have a migraine - this will just make it a hundred times worse.

    There is one remedy which I found helped me - Tiger Balm - rub this gently into the area of your head which is worst affected (ignore anyone else’s complaints that it smells) and go to sleep if at all possible. It is not a cure but it does help lessen the pain.

    Good luck to all of you and if someone finds a cure PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

    And by the way food is NOT necessarily the cause!!

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