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I’ve received a couple of e-mails asking me to comment on what must be one of the most atrociously irresponsible medical news stories in recent memory.  Unfortunately, I woke up this morning in pure migraine hell.  It’s been more than ten hours now, I’ve taken 80 mg of eletriptan and a few doses of much stronger […]

Last week I blogged about the 2007 DeSoto and Hitlan study, Blood levels of mercury are related to diagnosis of autism: a reanalysis of an important data set (Journal of Child Neurology 2007;22:1308-11), in a post entitled Epi Wonk’s Intro to Data Analysis.
Dr. DeSoto has posted a reply at her University of Northern Iowa web […]

Unless you’re extremely vigilant and/or organized, it really is easy to miss important information. Just today I came cross a June 21st post on Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science blog on a May 27th PLoS Medicine article entitled, “How Do US Journalists Cover Treatments, Tests, Products, and Procedures? An Evaluation of 500 Stories.”
I also discovered a […]

A possible link between immunization and asthma is of great concern to many parents. As the authors of the paper I discuss today have stated: “It is important that researchers clarify this issue, because… the perception that immunization causes asthma may become a significant determinant of parents’ attitudes toward routine vaccination of their children.”
Fortunately, Dr. […]

Data courtesy of DeSoto and Hitlan (2007)
Since I became involved in the question of vaccines and autism — and more specifically the question of mercury in vaccines and autism — every week I’ve received a few identical e-mails from anti-vaccinationists that consist of a list of references. It’s always the same references and I’ve come […]

Increases Seen in Teen Birth, Low Birth Weight
The nation’s fourth and eighth graders scored higher in reading and mathematics than they did during their last national assessment, according to the federal government’s latest annual statistical report on the well-being of the nation’s children. Not all the report’s findings were positive; there also were increases in […]