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Carribean Consumption Cure

In the 19th century, people with respiratory ailments went to the Swiss Alps or the sea shore in hopes for a cure.  Although most of my coughing and wheezing has faded away, my bronchial reactivity is not gone completely.  So I’m in Aruba for a week with my wife.
I have to admit that this on-and-off […]

Sick leave

I have acute bronchitis.  I’ve been too wiped out to to do anything but sleep (and cough and wheeze).  I’ve been using an albuterol inhaler and I’m now taking an antibiotic.  (Sticklers for evidence-based medicine, take note: in this case the antibiotic may be just a placebo.  [See Fahey T, Smucny J, Becker L, Glazier R. Antibiotics […]

I’ve received a couple of e-mails asking me to comment on what must be one of the most atrociously irresponsible medical news stories in recent memory.  Unfortunately, I woke up this morning in pure migraine hell.  It’s been more than ten hours now, I’ve taken 80 mg of eletriptan and a few doses of much stronger […]

I’m on vacation.

Or I’m about to be, and my wife is getting a wee bit impatient, so I need to start packing, etc.  You know the drill.