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Okay, I’m back to blogging, slowly but surely.  Special thanks to Andrea, Anthony Cox, daedalus2u, and many others for your get well comments and e-mails.  Thanks also to Science Mom and TheProbe for sending me e-mails with great ideas for future posts.
Recently the DISCOVER Magazine blog, Reality Base, asked former U.S. Surgeon General (1982-9), C. Everett Koop, […]

Unless you’re extremely vigilant and/or organized, it really is easy to miss important information. Just today I came cross a June 21st post on Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science blog on a May 27th PLoS Medicine article entitled, “How Do US Journalists Cover Treatments, Tests, Products, and Procedures? An Evaluation of 500 Stories.”
I also discovered a […]

Scientists behaving badly

In this week’s issue of Nature, there are three articles relevant to the above theme:
1. Sandra Titus of HHS’s Office of Research Integrity and two colleagues surveyed 2,212 researchers throughout the United States. Titus’s team found that almost 9% of the respondents in their survey, mainly biomedical scientists, had witnessed some form of scientific misconduct […]

It may surprise you to learn that I’m relatively new to the blogosphere, both as a writer and as a reader. For example, when I started this blog in the middle of April, I had no idea there were so many science blogs. I was also naive enough to think that that any scientific question […]