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A possible link between immunization and asthma is of great concern to many parents. As the authors of the paper I discuss today have stated: “It is important that researchers clarify this issue, because… the perception that immunization causes asthma may become a significant determinant of parents’ attitudes toward routine vaccination of their children.”
Fortunately, Dr. […]

Increases Seen in Teen Birth, Low Birth Weight
The nation’s fourth and eighth graders scored higher in reading and mathematics than they did during their last national assessment, according to the federal government’s latest annual statistical report on the well-being of the nation’s children. Not all the report’s findings were positive; there also were increases in […]

While I was researching my upcoming posts on measles vaccination, I came across an interesting report on the CDC website. Adolescent Health in the United States, 2007 by Andrea MacKay and Catherine Duran, was published in February 2008 and released in April. Ms. MacKay and Ms. Duran are in the Office of Analysis and Epidemiology […]